In December

Dr. Q was live on Instagram one last time in 2020 speaking on infertility - what to know and when to get help. Follow the link to her Instagram handle below!


In November

The topic was fibroids and Dr. Q as usual brought her "A" game when she was invited as a guest speaker by Fertility Talks. To watch the full video, please click the link below.


In October Dr. Q answered questions on pregnancy loss

Loss is never easy and having unanswered questions makes the healing process a lot harder. On Sunday the 25th, the turnout was phenomenal as Dr Q discussed the answers to a few questions parents have after a miscarriage. Watch part one of her IGTV video, where she sheds light on:

1. What causes a miscarriage, was it something I did?

2. What causes stillbirth, infant loss and can it be prevented?

3. What are ectopic pregnancies and what causes them? How to prevent them?

4. How can I improve my chances of falling pregnant?AND

SO MUCH MORE! Click the link to the IGTV video hosted by Fertility Conversations

Press releases. In case you missed it
Newly launched Pretoria centre holistically addresses the problem of infertility

Dr Diale, says fertility therapies can be prohibitively costly but that the Family Matters Fertility Centre will aim to make cutting-edge private fertility services as accessible and affordable as possible, in order to help as many as possible struggling couples from the Tshwane region to have a baby.

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7 risk factors that can contribute to infertility

In February 2020, Dr. Q met with Xanet Scheepers from the Living and Loving magazine to discuss the 7 risk factors that can contribute to infertility. According to Dr Diale these factors include: age, being overweight, being underweight, tobacco use, alcohol use, underlying health conditions and the side effects of medication.

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"Couples should seek assistance for fertility problems together", says Dr Q.

Infertility not only represents a major healthcare burden in South Africa but often causes conflict between couples and may even result in separation and divorce. Most couples experiencing fertility problems can be assisted to conceive with the necessary medical support. Click the read more button to find out how couples can find infertility solutions together.

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At Family Matters, you can expect patient-centred care, where the specialists work with not just intelligence, but a warm heart and succouring bedside manners.

Here our modern clinic and contemporary design will ease and comfort patients, while our state-of-the-art technology and equipment are used to provide exceptional service.